The Noble County Commissioners are pleased to announce the elevator in the courthouse is operational.

The elevator broke down at the end of last June. Visitors to the courthouse have had to use the stairs to do business in the various offices in the three-story facility making it difficult for the senior citizens of the county.

T. K. Elevator Service of Westerville, Ohio was in charge of repairing the elevator. There was a wait for a spring that had to be ordered. Work was completed by noon on Jan. 18 and the state inspector declared the elevator operational.

“We are very pleased that our residents have the use of the elevator to help them to visit all the offices in the courthouse,” stated Commissioner President Allen Fraley. “We very much appreciate the patience displayed while the elevator was broke down.”

In other business, Greg Bond, Noble Township Trustee, spoke with the Commissioners about various paving projects scheduled in his township.

Jim Warren gave the Commissioners an update on projects being discussed by the Noble County Planning Commission.

Finally, as per a request from Judy Robinson of the Noble County Historical Society, the Commissioners gave their support to the America 250-OH Committee, created by the Ohio Legislature, to coordinate the state’s involvement in the 250th anniversary of the birth of our nation.