Noble County Planning Commission

Noble County Planning Commission

The purpose for which the commission is created thoroughly contained in the Ohio Revised Code and is outlined herein; particularly for the knowledge of citizens of the county.

It is the duty of every agency of local government, from its inception, to organize itself in a manner as to provide for the utmost efficiency in the transaction of its internal affairs and all other affairs which, by their nature or character, are related to the development, growth and welfare of the community which it serves.

Noble County Planning Commission Membership

Due to the Feb. 21 President’s Day holiday, the next meeting of the Noble County Regional Planning Commission will be Feb 28, 2022, at 4 p.m.
Whether the meeting will be in-person or virtual, will be determined closer to the date. If IN PERSON it will be at the Large Conference Room at the Multi-Agency County building at 46049 Marietta Rd.

Enter on the upper side of the building through the Employees Only door next to Noble Water Authority office.  The Conference room is just inside to the left.

Contact Secretary, Gwynn Stewart at 740-305-3177 with questions.